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Occasion:Geschichte der Mathematik: Innovation und Transmission, Rezeption und Transformation

Participants: Herbert Pieper; Hans Wußing; Kirsti Andersen; Reinhard Bölling; Henk J. M. Bos; Umberto Bottazzini; Herbert Breger; Sonja Brentjes; Karine Chemla; Amy Dahan-Dalmedico; Joseph W. Dauben; Sergei S. Demidov; Jean G. Dhombres; Peter Engelfriet; Moritz Epple; Menso Folkerts; Jaroslav Folta; Craig Fraser; Massimo Galuzzi; Francois de Gandt; Ivor Grattan-Guinness; Jeremy John Gray; Niccolo Guicciardini; Christian Houzel; Vincent Jullien; Eberhard Knobloch; Sybilla Köhler; Jan A. van Maanen; Antoni Malet; Marco Panza; Jeanne Peiffer; Jim Ritter; Clara Silvia Roero; David E. Rowe; Ivo H. Schneider; Erhard Scholz; Joachim Schwermer; Christoph J. Scriba; Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze; Hourya Sinaceur; Rossana Tazzioli; Rüdiger Thiele; Sabetai Unguru; Hans-Joachim Waschkies

Location: Oberwolfach

Author: Grattan-Guinness, Enid (photos provided by Grattan-Guinness, Enid)

Source: MFO

Year: 1994

Photo ID: 16260

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