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Horst Martini, Klaus Jansen, Christoph Schulz, Reiner Horst, Peter Kleinschmidt, Peter McMullen, Victor L. Klee, Jim Piper, Jörg Wills, Peter Gritzmann, Rolf Schneider, János Pach, Nimrod Megiddo, David Larman

On the Photo:

Occasion:Conference Applied and Computational Convexity

Annotation: from left to right: Horst Martini, Chemnitz; Klaus Jansen, Kiel; Christoph Schulz, Wiesbaden; Reiner Horst, Trier; Peter Kleinschmidt, Passau; Peter McMullen, London; Victor Klee, Seattle; Jim Piper, Edinburgh; Jörg Wills, Siegen; Peter Gritzmann, München

Location: Passau

Author: Kleinschmidt, Peter (photos provided by Kleinschmidt, Peter)

Source: Peter Kleinschmidt, Passau

Year: 1990

Photo ID: 7902

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