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Walter D. van Suijlekom, Bram Mesland, Hyun Jeong Kim, Hanfeng Li, Ulrich Krähmer, Christian Voigt, Andreas B. Thom, Atabey Kaygun, Xiang Tang, Robert E. Yuncken, David Kyed, Rufus E. Willett

On the Photo:

Occasion:Noncommutative Geometry


1. row, from left to right: W. D. v. Suijlekom, B. Mesland   

2. row, from left to right: H. J. Kim, H. Li, U. Krähmer, Ch. Voigt, A. B. Thom

3. row, from left to right: A. Kaygun, X. Tang, R. E. Yuncken, D. Kyed, R. Willet 

Location: Oberwolfach

Author: Schmid, Renate (photos provided by Schmid, Renate)

Source: MFO

Year: 2007

Copyright: MFO

Photo ID: 9827

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